Behind every beautiful website there is a long story made of design processes

The Double Diamond

The key to successful design solutions for eCommerce projects


The first and most important part in the process of designing a solution is to clarify the problem and understand the current condition. This phase is for research and observation to reveal customer behaviour, define project goals and gather insights.

Best ways to implement a successful research:

  • User interviews;
  • User journey mapping;
  • Surveys;
  • HotJar;
  • Google Analytics.


The second phase is for defining the most important actions to take during the project. All possible ideas collected through the phase of Discover should be considered and prioritised.

At the end of this phase, we will have defined:

  • Problems;
  • Design challenges;
  • Ways how to measure success.


This phase is for creating solutions and concepts to solve design challenges and problems. The process of creating prototypes, wireframes, tests and iterations with trials and errors helps to improve and refine the ideas defined in the second phase.

Successful Develop phase contains:

  • Big number of wireframes and UI systems;
  • User testing.


The last phase is for choosing and developing the final concept of product or service. It is important to check and understand if the problem was solved and prepare the solution for final testing and delivery. Sometimes this phase is not final and there might be a need to get back to the drawing board.

Human-centered design

It is important to implement user experience process by focusing on the needs of humans

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